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Monday, June 20, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does

Not only is Mary here posting on an ANIMAL HUNTING site, but she seems to be so casual about her cat, Boots, killing mice. Which is it, Mary - do you love wild animals, or not really? What an idiot!

Check it out (scroll to the very bottom).

My neighbor is cleaning his yard so tons of animals are coming over to my house. My cat Boots is having a field day. He killed over 10 mice yesterday that I saw in maybe 30 minutes. I tried to save one but he didn’t make it. Here is a photo of that one. It’s not gross. He’s alive and looking fine. Just want you to see the size. http://www.marycummins.com/images/mousie.jpg Here’s one that for some reason Boots put in his bowl. I’m redoing my kitchen so I’m washing kitty plates and bowls outside. This one is dead but isn’t gross either. http://www.marycummins.com/images/mousie2.jpg Boots was just outside and caught a bunch more. I tried to take one away from him but he instantly bit it in two and then swallowed both parts. My question is, what should I do? Will he be okay? Should I give him hairball remedy so the mice bones will safely pass through him? Should I give him cat grass? I am closing the kitty door at night and keeping him in because he has a bad habit of bringing these things into the house and sometimes they play dead and run away from him and hide in the house. TIA.