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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Questionable use of funds...

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has been sued. Is Mary using charitable contributions to pay for her travel to Texas to defend herself? This brings up additional questions, like, who makes up the Board of Directors of Animal Advocates and are they aware of Mary's outlandish conduct that forced the most current and ongoing legal battle? 

We are not the only ones questioning this. See this posting on Guide Star from a reputable animal rescuer who was also a victim of Mary Cummins.

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  1. Rebecca06:33

    I am glad you found that GuideStar post and i am also happy you're using it here - i love this site! Great job you guys. As you might recall, this site was the only thing that helped get Mary off my back last year - knowing i'd link to it whenever she posted crap about Duane and me. She's on the attack again. She's still trying to defame me with all sorts of malicious posts. I am glad you guys opened this blog back up, thanks! BTW, i was told by another rehabber that the Attorney General's office is going to be investigating Animal Advocates. Good.