We as Americans have the right to state that someone's a jerk. We have the right to call people liars. ~ Mary Cummins (2001)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A long history of cyberstalking

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  1. Anonymous09:49

    Glad to see this up here and with a current date on it. Cummins is a sadistic sociopath. I know some people who recently have been at the receiving end of Cummin's slanderous attacks and blatant theft of web site pages. These people don't even live in the US so she has a wide, sick reach. She uses a boat load of aliases to get into mailing lists and attempts to take over them. If that doesn't work she uses her mindless followers to do it for her. Those who are just like her and would follow her straight off a cliff.

    What we should do is launch a class action lawsuit against her and send her away for a very long time.

    Can you post where she currently resides? Due to her so-called 'rehab' efforts, if those wild animals are in danger, the DNR should be notified and the wildlife taken away. How can anyone who spends her life on her computer (it's where her persona comes to life) possibly rehab? Inquiring minds want to know. And where does her income come from, really?