We as Americans have the right to state that someone's a jerk. We have the right to call people liars. ~ Mary Cummins (2001)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A prime example...

... of how Mary Cummins/Animal Advocates handles animals. This poor skunk is in horrible pain and what does Mary but film it rather than help it! (link to video)

'I am a wildlife rehabber specializing in skunks only. In my opinion this poor skunk is in agony showing all the signs of being in severe pain. But instead of putting the animal's needs first, you get out your camera and make a video to post on youtube??? How sick is that??? And don't even try to say this was for educational purposes. If it was, it would have gone to a wildlife rehabber list and not here for the public to have to watch such a horrible sight!!!' (from laanimalpals.blogspot.com)

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